10-Day Program

Journaling Exercises + Guided Meditations

  • 1
    Day One - Acknowledging Change
    • Introduction
    • I give myself Permission
    • Grounding Technique - Self-Nurture
    • Source Energy Healing Meditation
  • 2
    Day Two - Self-Reflection
    • Spiritual Awakening
    • Self-Reflection Exercise
    • Journaling Exercise #1
    • Accepting and Forgiveness of Self Meditation
  • 3
    Day Three - Letting Go of Your Past Relationship
    • Cutting the Relationship Energy Cord
    • Journaling Exercise #2
    • Forgive + Let Go of the Past
  • 4
    Day Four - Cleansing Energy
    • Shamanic Breath Technique
    • Energy Protection Meditation
    • Shamanic Breath Technique
  • 5
    Day Five - Creating Boundaries
    • Creating Boundaries
    • Journaling Exercise #3
    • Boundaries Meditation
  • 6
    Day Six - Strengthening Our Intuition
    • Listening to Our Intuition
    • Journaling Exercise #4
    • Divinely Blessed Meditation
  • 7
    Day Seven - Remembering Who You Are
    • Who Am I?
    • Journaling Exercise #5
    • Manifesting Your Ultimate Life Meditation
  • 8
    Day Eight - Attracting Your Soul Mate
    • Attracting Your Soulmate
    • Journaling Exercise #6
    • Manifesting Your Ultimate Soulmate
  • 9
    Day Nine - Final Closure
    • Final Closure
    • Calm Meditation
    • Journaling Exercise #7
  • 10
    Day Ten - Miracle Mornings
    • Miracle Mornings
    • Morning Meditation
    • Positive Affirmation Reminders

“This ecourse is the miracle I’ve been praying for! I’ve been wanting to let go of my ex for so long, and I thought that since I was very attached to this person (on a soul level) it would’ve taken years to heal from the heartbreak, but I was wrong. The program really helped me overcome this heartache very quickly. By the end of the course I had completely let go of this person and held a newfound excitement for myself and life again. I am now focused on finding love and peace not with anyone but with myself! I’m still meditating everyday and the course has helped me get into a healthy routine that’s balanced my mind, body and soul. Would I recommend it to anyone to buy? Yes! 100%! Because of this course I was able to heal internal wounds that were deeply embedded. I believe that if you hold an intention, ready to heal and let go from your heartache and are looking for peace within yourself, then this course will work wonders!”

Riri ReedRiri Reed


  • I’ve never meditated before, does it matter?

    This course is perfect for meditation beginners! Guided mediations are a great introduction to getting yourself into a regular meditating practice. With each meditation, you will feel energetically lighter with more clarity in your outlook of life. You will be so astounded from the benefits from mediation that you will continue to meditate long after this course is complete.

  • I’m not sure I’m ready to let go just yet . . . Is this course for me?

    This course is only if you are ready to let go. You need to make this strong commitment with yourself to put the past down to rest and move on with your life. Dedication to each and every step of the way is crucial to the healing process. But once you make this internal commitment to yourself that you are ready to heal, let go and move on, then you will be amazed at how quickly you will see results!

  • What happens if I don't feel any different?

    If you find that this course is not working out for you, I will happily offer a 14 day money back guarantee. That's a full refund, if you find that this course has not given you the desired results. Simply email me at - phoebe @ phoebegarnsworthy . com


  • Phoebe Garnsworthy

    Phoebe Garnsworthy

    Meditation Teacher + Spiritual Author

    Hi, I'm Phoebe! My goal is to help you become the greatest version of yourself possible! This means - no more holding onto past pain, hurt or confusion. Together, we will break free from this 'idea' of who you think you should be, and step into the Real You!

How to Heal a Broken Heart (Complete Course)

Including Meditations